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How can you give to MWSA?

We are asking for dollar donations of any amount that would help us continue this project.  From $1 to $1,000.  One time money is welcome, but an ongoing commitment of a certain amount each year (for the next 5 years, for example) would better enhance our fund-raising efforts.  The school district contributes only enough money to cover some of the instruction (no benefits, just contracted services) and classroom space.  MWSA is limited to providing this opportunity to the students for no fees because we are a District entity. 

MWSA is responsible for everything else which includes:
·         Buying instruments for the students to use which includes all of the basses, cellos, and some violins and violas 
·         Maintaining and storing these instruments in climate controlled storage 
·         We also are responsible for printing, mailings, and other forms of office expenses
·         Curriculum and music
·         Equipment such as sound systems for each school and in some cases overhead projectors 
·         Professional fees -such as accountants, legal, inventory, and director fees
·         Travel expenses of the teachers and supervisors within district boundaries
·         Performance facilities

To express our thanks to those who make donations, Mountain West String Academy has performances each year where we distribute programs to all in attendance expressing our thanks to all our supporters listing them by name.  Thanks is also indicated on all curriculum material published by MWSA in addition to references and links from our website.

Mountain West String Academy adds to our children’s accomplishments and the things they can achieve not only in music and education, but in life.

To make a donation please donate through paypal to MWSA - PayPal button to the right