Orchestra is Awesome!

Here are some FAQ:

Q- How do I register my student for their 2nd year of orchestra?

    A-Registration is completed online.  Fill out this Form and make a payment Here.
    This is for all students who have already taken 1st year orchestra with us.

Q- As a 2nd year, when I rent my instrument am I automatically registered?

    A- No!  You still need to register.  See above.

Q- What if I am new to the area and don't know which class I should register for?    

    A-Send us an email at mountainweststrings@gmail.com and we can help you.

Q- When do classes start and what is my schedule.

    A- Class schedules can be found HERE.  2nd year classes start the week of September 12.  Your teacher will be contacting you to let you know the exact day.  Call your teacher if you have questions for them.

    1st year classes start the week of September 19.

Q- How do I register for 1st year orchestra?        

    A- Registration will be held at Mount Logan Middle School on September 8 and 9th.  Sessions are held every 20 minutes starting at 5:00 pm.  More info under 1st year registration tab.

Q- When can I start orchestra?

    A- Cache County School District- 5th or 6th grade
         Logan City School District- 4th or 5th grade

Q- How much does it cost to take orchestra.

    A- Registration is $60 (includes all books needed for the year)

Q- What if I need an instrument?
    A- 2nd years should have already rented for the year.
    A- 1st years can rent the night of registration.
    A- If you live in the Cache District, instruments can be rented for $70 for the year and a $50 refundable deposit. (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass)
    A- If you live in the Logan District you can rent a Cello or Bass.  $60 per year.    
Call the instrument phone with any questions. 435-770-9189.

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