2020-21 Class Schedules

*Schedules are subject to change*

Cache County Class Schedule

Cache Class Schedule 2020-2021
LewistonOrch ALiz Krebs 435-760-0532M/W 8:00 am
Leslie Burt           258-2923 ext 1101Orch BLiz Krebs 435-760-0532T/Th 8:00 am
White PineOrch ALiz Krebs 435-760-0532M/W 2:55 pm
Shellie Healy     258-2344 ext 1101Orch BLiz Krebs 435-760-0532T/TH 2:55 pm
SummitOrch AAlisa Staley
M/W 8 am
Amiee McNeil           563-6269 ext 1101Orch BAlisa Staley
T/Th 8 am
GreenvilleOrch ATrista Funk 435-232-9166M/W 2:55 pm
Troy Pugmire 750-7888 ext 1101Orch BTrista Funk 435-232-9166T/Th 2:55 pm
River HeightsOrch AMegan Richards 435-881-3997M/W 8 am
Stephanie Adams 753-4948 ext 1101Orch BMegan Richards 435-881-3997T/Th 8 am
ProvidenceOrch AErin Gordon 435-890-3898M/W 8 am
Jeff Keck          752-6010 ext 1101Orch BErin Gordon 435-890-3898T/Th 8 am
MillvilleOrch AM/W 8:10 am
Brady Johnson   752-7162Orch BAmelia Merkley 435-760-0015T/Th 8:10 am
NibleyOrch AKara Bradford 801-556-8367M/W 8:00 am
Dee Ashcroft          752-8303 ext 1101Orch BKara Bradford 801-556-8367M/W 2:55 pm
LincolnOrch ALindsey Crouch 208-219-2987M/W 8 am
Audrey McKell        245-6442 ext 1101Orch BNicole Moore 385-234-0566T/Th 8 am
WellsvilleOrch AMarsali Hancock 1-703-678-3848M/Th 8 am
Glen Harris 245-3764 ext 1101Orch BMarsali Hancock 1-703-678-3848M/Th 2:55 pm
CanyonOrch AOlivia Thompson 801-455-9618M/W 2:55 pm
Stacie Williamson 792-7684 ext 1101Orch BAmy Anderson 801-573-0504T/Th 2:55 pm
MountainsideOrch ALaura Morgan 435-760-1743M/W 8 am
Cam Ammott            792-7688 ext 1101Orch BLaura Morgan 435-760-1743T/Th 8:05 am
North ParkOrch ASylvia Pack 801-589-4037M/W 8 am
Jullie Payne 752-5121 ext 1101Orch BSylvia Pack 801-589-4037T/Th 8 am
SunriseOrch AKenneth Webb 435-452-1049M/W 8 am
Derek Beer 563-3866 ext 1101Orch BKenneth Webb 435-452-1049T/Th 8 am
Birch CreekOrch AEmily Nielson 435-563-0292M/W 8:00
Trudy Wilson          792-7692Orch BEmily Nielson 435-563-0292M/W 2:55 pm
HeritageOrch ASara Anderson 435-757-5935T/TH 8 am
Lance Robins  792-7696Orch BSara Anderson 435-757-5935M/W 8 am
Cedar RidgeOrch AOlivia Thompson 801-455-9618T/Th 8:10 am
Amy Bassett 435-563-6229Orch BOlivia Thompson 801-455-9618M/W 8:10 am

Logan Class Schedule

Adams1st Yr.Olivia Thompson
M/Th 7 amMusic
Sundee Ware 435-755-23202nd YrOlivia Thompson
T/Fri 7 amMusic
Bridger1st YrJordan Truex 435-764-5390M/Th 7 amMusic
John Taggart 435-755-23452nd YrJordan Truex 435-764-5390T/Fri 7 amMusic
Ellis1st YrJordan Truex 435-764-5390M/W 2:30 pmBasement
Doug Beach 435-755-23302nd YrJordan Truex 435-764-5390T/Th 2:30 pmBasement
Hillcrest1st YrAdam Pack 435-557-1388T/Th 7 amLibrary
Spencer Holmgren 435-755-23602nd YrAdam Pack 435-557-1388T/Th 2:55 pmLibrary
Wilson1st YrHeather Hopkins
M/Th 7 amMusic
Sue Sorenson 435-755-23402nd YrHeather Hopkins
T/F 7 amMusic
Woodruff1st YrOlivia Thompson
T/Th 2:55 pmLittle Theater
Matt Bennett 435-755-23502nd YrMelanie Fowler 435-764-8095T/Th 7 amLittle Theater

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