Volunteering and Board Information

MWSA is always looking for moms, dads, grandparents, or community members that would like to help with this program in some way.  We have many different ways that you can help and in the process you will  meet new people, support our school district, and support your student in music.  It is so important.  You can help as a board member or as a committee member.   As a board member you can help us find ways to improve the program and come up with new ideas.  As a committee member you can support the board's ideas and duties and do not have to attend the board meetings.  Please consider helping!  We need you!  Please Email us if you can help.  Most board meetings during the year are held on the third Tuesday of the month in the district offices.

Next board meeting:
Cache Board-March 28th at 1 pm at the Cache District Offices
Logan Board-March 14th at 1 pm at the Logan District Offices

Current Board:
Co-Chairs: Mandy Wilkinson N (North Park mom)
                       Becky Shelton S (Mountainside mom)
Treasurer: Laura Morgan (community member)
Secretary Duties: Emily Jensen (Summit mom) Sara Hallock (Lewiston mom)
Logan Secretary:  Damaris Kjar (Hillcrest mom)

Staging Duties:
  SOUTH:  Jen Cummings (Providence mom)

  NORTH: Melissa Jordan (Park mom)
Activities Duties:  Amy Edwards (North Park mom)

Chamber Music Project:  Peggy Craney (River Heights mom)
Allstars Proceedures:  Jennifer Pate (Mountainside mom)
Ambassador Mom: 
Camille Bell (North Park mom)
Awards and Appreciation Duties: Sara Hallock (Lewiston mom)
Communications Duties: Heidi Hyatt (Mountainside mom) 
Public Relations DutiesJill Blotter (North Park mom)

Corporate Fund-raising Secretary Duties: Charity Call (North Park mom)
Corporate Fund-raising Committee Duties: AJ Booth (River Heights mom)
Program Fund-raising Duties:  Jenny Byington (Mountainside mom)

Grants Duties: Mary Jean Campbell (community member)

  • Dale Hansen (CCSD Business Administration Director)
  • Craig Ashton (CCSD Elementary Administrator)
  • Ron Campbell (fund-raising) (community member)
Other ways that you can help, while not being tied down to participating in board meetings, is on one of the following committees.  This would require you to keep in contact with the board head of your committee and just help them with those projects they are in charge of.  Please see if there is something you can help us with!  We need you!


Communication Committee Duties
Corporate Fund-raising Duties
Program Fund-raising Duties

Activies and Staging Duties 

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Summer Practice Contest -Turn in your practice minutes at the end of each month (Link above) August 15 - Logan instrument return & 2...