Recommendations for Success

  1. Practicing at home!  It can be fun and very rewarding.  It helps to prepare students for the class coming up.  It always feels good to be prepared!
  2. Parents can visit the classroom at anytime.  It would be great if they could help!
  3. Praise goes a long way!  Always compliment students for a job well done, for a small improvement made.
  4. Supplemental learning opportunities:  Private lessons or Lab classes.
Why should I get a private teacher for my student?
Many parents ask, “isn’t orchestra enough?” They really learn great skills in a private lesson that helps them develop the fine motor skills required to play their instrument. When they get one on one instruction as an individual they play so much better and become more confident in their skills. If we talk a little sports with you – your student will be learning how to make foul shots, dribble, shoot at the goalie, connect that bat with the ball, learn the aspects of the game, and then they excel when they play with the team. Playing with the team also teaches them important lessons on playing together- being a team player, contributing to the final output, different pitches and sounds being played all around them, and being in the orchestra is fun! So these two things really complement each other. 
Private Teacher List

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Summer Practice Contest -Turn in your practice minutes at the end of each month (Link above) August 15 - Logan instrument return & 2...