Friday, November 27, 2015

Director, Patty Bartholomew

We are excited to welcome on the stage with us, our new director, Patty Bartholomew!

She graduated with a degree in music education from Utah State University.  She started teaching elementary orchestra with MWSA back in 1999 and also taught 5-12 grade orchestra full-time in the public schools in Tremonton.  Throughout her time with MWSA, Mrs. Bartholomew has taught orchestra at 7 different elementary schools.  Her passion is teaching beginning orchestra and she loves to see students succeed in music.  Mrs. Bartholomew and her husband, Kevin, have two beautiful daughters.  Her oldest is currently in 4th grade orchestra. In her spare time, she loves to trail run, read (Harry Potter and anything about World War II), figure out ways to help her daughter practice, spend time with her family, and travel.  She is such a great asset to our program already!  Don't miss the concerts coming up.
December 2nd at 7 pm
at Mountain Crest High School (south students) and
December 10th at 7 pm
at USU Morgan Theater (north students)

Monday, October 19, 2015

MWSA Class Calendars

What is it?  Every year we take orders for calendars with your school’s orchestra pictures on them.  We have the calendars ready by the December concert in order for you to give as Christmas gifts if you would like.  The calendar has your school’s orchestra photos with tear off white calendar sheets at the bottom.   Calendars are also a great documented history of our program!  The district will display these class pictures every year at the district offices!  This is a MWSA fundraiser.

$12 each   or
$10 each when you order more than one

Order your calendars:      Please turn in order forms and payments no later than November 21st.  Order forms are located on page 10 of your student's workbooks.  You can order your calendar in any of the following ways:
  1. You can submit orders by turning into teachers with check.   
  2. Or you can mail in payments to our PO Box address to the left column
  3. Or you can submit online at with following form below and pay with a credit card with our "donate" button to the right column.
You can submit your order online if you wish at the following link
Here is an example of some of last year's Calendars.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The 2016 Ambassadors!

The 2016 Ambassadors!
Our Ambassadors are already getting ready for their performance in Salt Lake City in February.  You get the chance to hear them play at our upcoming concerts in December.  They have been working hard and they sound awesome!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summer Practice Contest Winners!

Congratulations on great summer practicing!

Birch Creek wins with a total of 13,227 minutes!

The $50 prize goes to:
Kaylee Grigg
for the most minutes practiced
   Kaylee plays the violin and has loved and lived for practicing this summer.  She also would encourage her fellow classmates to practice as well!  We think this is why Birch Creek won!

The dinner for 4 at Golden Corral goes to:
Mallory Kreipl
for the most minutes consistently practiced
  Mallory plays the cello and has improved leaps and bounds.  She has loved practicing over the summer and right now she is learning Rondo.  She loves playing the cello!

Congratulations to both of you! GOOD JOB!
We had 59 participants that all have/will receive a prize of some kind!  Way to go students!
15 out of 16 schools participated which is just awesome!

Total minutes practiced this summer 57,339 minutes