Saturday, November 2, 2013

MWSA Class Calendars

What is it?  Every year we take orders for calendars with your school’s orchestra pictures on them.  We have the calendars ready by the December concert in order for you to give as Christmas gifts if you would like.  The calendar has your school’s orchestra photos with tear off white calendar sheets at the bottom.  As illustrated here.  Calendars are also a great documented history of our program!  The district will display these class pictures every year at the district offices!  This is a MWSA fundraiser.

$12 each   or
$10 each when you order more than one

Order your calendars:      Please turn in order forms and payments no later than November 25th.  Order forms are located on page 9 of your student's red workbooks.  You can order your calendar in any of the following ways:
  1. You can submit orders by turning into teachers with check.   
  2. Or you can mail in payments to our PO Box address to the left column
  3. Or you can submit online at with following form below and pay with a credit card with our "donate" button to the right column.
You can submit your order online if you wish at the following link
Here is an example of some of this year's Calendars.