Saturday, May 2, 2015

Register for 2nd year orchestra!

All current 1st year students you can register now through May 30th for next year's 2nd year program.

Register here

Monday, April 27, 2015


AUDIO PRACTICE FILES are available here for your students to practice their music at home with.  Try it out and let us know how it works for you.  This is something new that we are trying.  We would love your feedback.
CONCERTS are coming up:
Wednesday, May 6th all north schools  - - -  Thursday, May 7th all south schools
Ambassadors will be performing both nights.
Please wear your new MWSA t-shirts, nice pants (no shorts or holes) and nice shoes.  If you do not have a new MWSA t-shirt that is totally fine, you can wear an old MWSA t-shirt if you have one or something nice of your choosing (talk with your teacher).
  • 2nd year call time 4:30 pm both nights - will be fed lunch between rehearsal and concert
  • 1st year call time 5:30 pm both nights - please come having had dinner at home
  • Concert time:  7 PM
"CHANGE" A CHILD THROUGH MUSIC We are going to try something new this year at our concerts. We will have available at the doors instrument cases that your family can donate change in to help support MWSA.  So bring some loose change with you and invite your family to do so as well!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


We have 2 sessions this summer!  Summer classes are super fun!  You can register for one session or for both.  Here are the details:

June session is $40
August session is $30

June Session:  Daily June 15th-19th held at River Heights Elementary
     Current 2nd Year students 9-10:30 am
     Current 1st Year students 10:30-12 noon
August Session:  Daily August 13th-15th held at Greenville Elementary
     Current 2nd Year students 8:30-10:30
     Current 1st Year students 10:30-12:30

BOTH sessions:  If you sign up for both sessions the cost is $50 total.

Don't worry if you have to miss a day - you can still sign up.  The cost will be the same however.  You will need the same books that you have been using this year.

Don't miss out!

Instrument Information for Beginners

Click this link to read about the best options for obtaining an instrument for your beginning student.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Assemblies =]

Spring Assemblies are now underway.  Please make sure your student is ready to perform on their assembly day at their school.  Our calendar below has that schedule and it will also be listed on your own school's website.  Parents are more than welcome to attend!  Have fun!
Providence Elementary Assembly 2008

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Practice-a-thon is here!

March 11-24th
  1. Find sponsors to pledge per each minute practiced
  2. Record minutes and collect donated money
  3. Turn in recorded minutes on form and donations (totaled) into teacher by April 9th
Everyone who participated will receive a prize!
In addition...prizes will be given for:
  • Students who practice 200+ minutes with a donation will be entered in for the grand prize drawing at the concerts. 
  • Student with the most minutes practiced per school
  • The class with the most minutes practiced gets to have a donut or pizza party with Dr. McWhorter!